The date is confirmed!

This years event will take place on Monday 26th June, we look forward to seeing you here…..

The format is the same as previous years. We will close the road through at 13:00 the village to everything other than event traffic and bike parking will be available from 16:00.

There will be lots of food options and we  have a beer tent on the green as normal.

It could be wet this year and the ground may be soft. Bring something to put under your side stand.

See you there??


7 thoughts on “The date is confirmed!

  1. Hello, do you have a list anywhere of the bikes that were registered. My partner spotted his old bike across the green and it had gone before he had chance to speak to the new owner. It was displaying a number 79 sticker.

    • Hi,
      Sorry for the slow response.
      Selling bikes is not really the focus of the event. But you are more than welcome to come along, park the bike in one of the many parking areas and place a small for sale sign on it.

    • Hi Steven,

      We use the village green to park vintage and classic motorcycles. This works on a first come first served basis.

      There is lots of parking in the village and the marshals will guide you to the parking areas.

      If you wish to display something bigger or more than just your own bike that you have ridden to the village, please let me know.


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